Middle Ages

Das Burggebäude heute

Renovation: Castle building on the Glauberg plateau

How did the castle building at the eastern end of the plateau get its current shape? In many voluntary work assignments from October 1975 to October 1976, the Glauburg Local History and History Association uncovered the collapsed foundation walls, which had received little attention after Eduard Anthes' excavations in 1912/13.

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Ein "Wurf" vom Gauberg (Fotomontage aus einem Würfel)

Gambling at Glauberg

Gambling and especially dice were widespread and popular in all levels of society in the Middle Ages. The games were often played for material assets or money, which always brought fraudsters and loaded dice to the fore.

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The settlement history of Glauberg

Glauberg and its immediate surroundings have always been a popular settlement area. A settlement at the foot of Glauberg is documented as early as the time of the first Neolithic farmers, the Bandkeramic culture (approx. 5500 - 4900 BC).

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